As a Creative and Art Director, I have had the pleasure of running my own agency, working with amazing organizations and teaching aspiring designers. My career path has given me the good fortune to stay current, engage within the creative community and to continuously strive for creative excellence.


It is my passion to participate in every aspect of the creative process, from directing to designing. It is my strength to take complicated messages and convert them to clear, actionable marketing messages through visual designs.


As organizations struggle to be heard through a multitude of media vehicles — ads, direct mail, Internet, social media, mobile devices — I break through the clutter and create designs that prompt an action: buy, use, register, donate, join or create awareness.


I work closely with internal departments and external industry representatives to help evaluate goals and strategies for creative, assess internal obstacles, offer possible solutions and exceed expectations. My commitment to excellence in client service and project management, and my strategy-based creative approach, make me the ideal candidate.



Angie Fahlman, R.G.D., G.D.C.


All designs in this portfolio were created based on cutting edge techniques, software, materials, fonts and styles "of that time period".


This portfolio is a small sample of my work and does not reflect a restriction in my capabilities for any future creative directions or style possibilities.


There is nothing that I cannot create if given the opportunity!

All works © Angie Fahlman R.G.D., G.D.C. 2018.

Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent.

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